Australia Post Services in Wentworth Point

I've received numerous emails and comments from the community in Wentworth Point detailing their experience with Australia Post's services. 

Concerns ranged from increasing incidences of parcel theft to the inadequacy of the Silverwater and Rhodes post offices as viable alternatives due to limited opening hours and inaccessibility by public transport.

I have collated this community feedback and included it in correspondence to the Chief Executive Officer of Australia Post.

In this correspondence I highlighted the need for Australia Post to reconsider their decision to not set up an additional post office in Wentworth Point. I also requested that Australia Post looks to expand self-services through the provision of additional secure parcel lockers.

Please find a copy of this letter here.

But I want to hear more from you and members of the Wentworth Point community about the extent of the problem. I have started a survey to further demonstrate a need for increased Australia Post services in Wentworth Point.

To have your say and to help me better understand your experience with Postal Services in Wentworth Point, please fill in the survey below.