The Commonwealth Parliamentarian Awards Program

Let's celebrate the achievements and hard works of our students over the past year.

There are a total of seven awards on offer for seven recipients. If you prefer not to offer the full selection of awards, we are happy to arrange a smaller number of awards.

The awards on offer include:

  • Commonwealth Parliamentarian’s Distinguished Achievement Award – 1 available
    • Presented to a student for an exceptional level of all-round achievement in community involvement, leadership, extracurricular participation and academic results.
  • Commonwealth Parliamentarian’s Merit Awards – 5 available
    • Presented to a student for one of the following: academic achievement, leadership, sport, the arts or community contribution
  • Sally Sitou Friendship Award – 1 available
    • Presented to a student who demonstrates:
      • Friendship and care for others
      • Participation in community activities
      • Civic responsibility


Please fill out the form below and nominate for the awards on offer.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact my office on (02) 9715 7444.