Cheaper Child Care

Cheaper Child Care Main Image

The Albanese Government’s Plan for Cheaper Child Care will ease cost-of-living pressures for Australian families, deliver an economic dividend by giving families choices around workforce participation, and ensure that our children are receiving the critical education and care that they deserve.

Under the Plan for Cheaper Child Care, 96% of families, approximately 7,800 families in Reid, who use early childhood education and care will be better off. The Government has lifted the maximum child care subsidy rate to 90 per cent for families with a combined income of under $80,000 and increased subsidy rates for all families earning less than $530,000. Families making up to $120,000 will be $1,780 better off in the first year of the Plan.

Last year around 73,000 people who wanted to work, didn’t look for work because they couldn’t make early childhood education costs work for them. The Plan for Cheaper Child Care will improve women’s economic security and ensure all Australian families have choices around workforce participation and early childhood education.